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Antisemitism… and the coming of the Messiah

As Petach Tikvah we work near the former camp Westerbork. Years ago I found a note between the rails at the monument of camp Westerbork. On the note was written: ‘If we forget this, it will happen again’. It was just a small note but the warning hit me exactly at this location, where 107,000 Jews were transported to destruction camps. Because who had expected that 70 years later, again, Jews are not able to walk safely across the street with a kippah, and synagogues have to be severely protected again?

A beast with many heads
Antisemitism has many faces. History talks about the Jew as Jesus murderer, as traitor, causer of national problems, usurer, controller of financial institutions, bloodsucker and child murderer, spreader of the Black plague, parasite, the almighty Jew, conspirator, the Jewish race that is bad out of nature, the Jew in conspiracy to control the world, the Holocaust made up by Jews, the Jew as nazi etc.
Also now, anti-Jewish stereotypes about Israel and ‘Zionists’ who via secret lobbies and conspiracies control the world politics appear. Also in the Middle-East many old myths are spread via cartoons from German propaganda magazines via TV and internet.

The new antisemitism
The birth of the state of Israel and the departure of most Jews from Europe did not make the antisemitism disappear. Where first the Jews were hated for their religion, then because of their ‘race’, now it is their state that as merciless aggressor and occupier is compared to the nazi’s.

The media war has displayed Israel as oppressor of Palestinians and has turned the public opinion of the world. But if you would ask an Israeli Arab if he would move to surrounding Arab countries – for example Egypt, Jordan, Syria or the area that is under Palestinian authority, what do you think his answer would be? Research shows that the majority of Israeli Arabs would prefer to live under the Israeli law and not under Palestinian authority. It is surprising that you never hear something in the media about the oppression by Hamas and liquidations against their own population. No, in the media and politics they mainly talk about the ‘occupation’ and the ‘excessive violence’ as a reaction to terrorism of Hamas. Oppression? Did you know that in Israel there is freedom of religion, in contrast to most Muslim countries? Did you know that in some Israeli hospitals 40% of the doctors are Arab? Did you know that in the High court in Israel (the highest legal authority) a Christian Arab is seated? Who is oppressing who?

Invisible power behind antisemitism
The lie rules and the power of antisemitism is not logically explainable unless you want to acknowledge Gods Word as truth. Because there is one event that satan fears more than anything else, and that he is trying to avoid at all cost: the return of Jesus to establish His kingdom and to banish satan from the earth. Satan knows that the Messiah – his conqueror – is connected to the people of Israel: He was born from this people and will return again on the Mount of Olives when this same people will welcome Him again (Matthew 23:39)! This is the invisible power behind the antisemitism!
This way satan tries to do two things: on the one hand he tries to seduce Israel to idolatry and on the other hand he tries to destroy them as a people.

Church and Prayer
Resistance or indifference against the restoration of Israel has to do with the same spirit of antisemitism that counteracts the return of Jesus. For that reason Christians and churches cannot stay blind for Gods plan with Israel. Is has nothing to do with ‘having or not having a vision’ for Israel, but it is about whether you want to be aligned with Gods Word. We do not justify every act of Israel, it is (still) a mainly secular country, just like the Netherlands by the way. Strategic prayer for Israel is not about the power of the Israeli army, but about conversion and turning to Yeshua. But it also is about a church taking position to show the true witness of the Jewish Messiah. Zionists had a pioneer spirit and believed in the return to Israel. And yes, they are back in the country, but not yet fully alive in the spirit (Ezekiel 37:8). That is why we call you to join in the footsteps of the pioneers by giving yourself in Gods Kingdom. As Petach Tikvah we educate young people from the Word of God and we rise up against antisemitism. Do you want to help us?

The King is coming!
I will make a covenant of peace with them; it will be an everlasting covenant. I will establish them and increase their numbers, and I will put my sanctuary among them forever. My dwelling place will be with them; I will be their God, and they will be my people. Then the nations will know that I the Lord make Israel holy, when my sanctuary is among them forever. (Ezekiel 37:26-28)

Eelco Schaap