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Donate to Petach Tikvah

Petach Tikvah is completely dependent on financial gifts and cannot work without the help of many friends. We are acknowledged by the Dutch tax government and that means that your gifts are tax deductible. You can transfer money to Rabobank NL75 RABO 038 28 96 408 on behalf of Stichting Petach Tikvah in Hooghalen.
You can donate via iDeal en Paypal through the button below.
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Info for companies

Have you ever thought of supporting Petach Tikvah with your company?
Project sponsorship
With your company you can adopt a specific project, financially, materially, or with men power. Besides that, you can discuss with us the possibility to support us structurally.
Product Sponsorship
Petach Tikvah, just like any other company, makes costs for her activities. Of course we try to keep these costs as low as possible. Part of our income we need for fundraising activities, like for example mailings. As a company you can sponsor these activities or give products or services, so that Petach Tikvah can spend more money on her projects! But you can also think of building materials, equipment, furniture etc. In exchange for the sponsoring we can – if desired – bring your company under positive attention.
Do you want to sponsor us? Then please contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you!