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In the eye of the storm

In the eye of the storm

I’ve once had an extraordinary experience during a worship service in Cyprus. All around us raged a sudden and heavy storm , even the outer doors weren’t a match against the strong winds. While the storm was raging outside, inside in the worship room there was a deep sense of God’s peace. It’s an experience that I will never forget. It was as if we were in the eye of the storm, and in the midst of this storm, God was present through the power of the Holy Spirit! There were prophetic words spoken over our countries, that there will be storms coming over them.

Silence after the Corona storm?

Ever since the beginning of Petach Tikvah in 2002 we know that there will be different times in Europe. But even so, the Corona pandemic still took us by surprise. We were thankful that at the start of March, just before the total lock-down, we landed back in the Netherlands with our Israel Experience group. The One New Man conference and other gatherings on the facility were cancelled and this created a financial challenge. Partially because the sanitary of the camping needed to be closed by order of the government. Still, through all of this, we see God’s wake-up call in the vision that we have had for years. Jesus says: ‘Nations and kingdoms will fight against each other, and there will be famines and earthquakes in all sorts of places. But all these things are just the beginning of the sufferings associated with the end.’ (Matthew 24:7-8). In this letter I want to share some impressions with you.

Aliyah from the West

Isaiah 11:12 says that God will gather the dispersed of Israel, from the four corners of the earth. Millions of Jews have made Aliyah this last century, but it’s remarkable that in Western countries this number has been relatively low. The primary reason for this is wealth; why would you, as a European or American Jew, leave the place that feels safe to you? De Corona pandemic has changed the world in 3 months and the wealthy West is also finding itself in uncertainty and economic crisis. Could this be God’s moment to bring His people home, also from the West? Or will the Jews be the scapegoat again, which would make them want to find refuge in Israel? Only God knows! What I do know is that God will bring His people home, including the West!


During the lockdown our internet connection was lost twice. It was as if God asked ‘Are you ready?’ We couldn’t make transactions, calls, check in guests, watch television etcetera. And what about all the automatic bridges, medical files or hospitals, everything is depending on the internet! I recalled the bank crisis, not long ago, where at the press of a button online bank screens went black and savings simply “disappeared” and were no longer withdrawable. Do you realise how vulnerable and manipulable we are in the West?

More control and the new ‘normal’?

More than thousand conspiracy theories flooded the internet about the Corona virus.  I read somewhere that 15% of the Dutch people think that the Corona virus is a bioweapon. I’m very careful when it comes to these conspiracy theories, since they are all based on fear. But the Bible does speak about a diabolical end-time plan, aimed against Israel, true believers and the coming of Jesus Christ. Personally I believe this crisis is a stepping stone to greater control by governments. For example, various European countries declared a state of emergency with far-reaching powers. The downside of such an emergency measure is that it can be misused under the guise of national security or public health.  For example, the Israeli police used telecom data via an emergency measure to check whether people were complying with the mandatory home quarantine. The police stopped using this method under pressure, but it shows how easy it is to ‘control’ and check people. In the Netherlands they are currently making a Corona law. It seems innocent, but it could easily become a trap that could even limit the freedom of churches.

God’s presence in the eye of the storm

Fear has taken hold of the world and the media is amplifying this. There is a spiritual world behind all of this and it’s weapon is to feed into fear and uncertainty. You really have to do your best, close your ears, to not become paranoid.

‘People will faint from fear and expectation of the things that are coming on the world.’ (Luke 21:26)

This goes beyond the hording of toilet paper. The question is: who reigns in our hearts? If we are truly rooted in Him we can rest and act in peace through the eye of the storm. If we choose to listen to what the media has to say, we’ll be blown away in an emotional hurricane.


Jesus says: ‘Do not be alarmed, these things must take place.’ In Him there is wisdom available in the eye of the storm. Noah didn’t start building the arc when the rain was already pouring down. Joseph proceeded wisely when he knew there was a famine coming. That is why we need oil of the Holy Spirit in this end time.

Petach Tikvah wants to help prepare the way for Jesus’ coming and His Kingdom on earth. Regularly we get people who don’t understand how Camping Tikvah plays a role in all of this. From the outside they see only a “company” and condemn it as something that’s not spiritual. However, the opposite is true. Yes, income is generated for the maintenance of buildings and the site. This is a Royal vision, to prepare the arc, and it has everything to do with God’s plan in these end times. And I can assure you, there is a demonic battle surrounding it.

But we will say, as Nehemia said: “The God of heaven will give us success!” Would you like to pray with us or help us?

Eelco Schaap