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For our base we use a former farm, located in the Nord Eastern part of Holland with historical significance. We work only 500 metres from the former camp of Westerbork. During World War 2 this camp was used as a transitcamp for 107.000 Jews.
Every day we start with prayer and worship with our team. There are people involved with accountancy, administration work, practical maintenance, running the camp site etc. We want to be faithful in keeping connection with our friends and ministry partners. Together we work on the continuation of Gods plan! And of course this all is not possible without the prayers and support of people.
Eelco & Karin Schaap
Eelco & Karin Schaap

Eelco en Karin are the founders and leaders of Petach Tikvah. After years of serving as leaders in church God opened their eyes in 1994 for Gods plan with Israel and the international church. That it is not just going about a piece of Land and it’s Jewish people, but it all has to do with Messiah return back and the restoration of Gods Kingdom on earth! In 1995 Karin and Eelco started to be involved in a ministry helping Jewish people from Ukrain to Israel. After 1,5 year their involvement stopped and at the end of 1998 Karin and Eelco moved from the West of Holland to the North Eastern part of the Netherlands.

In 2001 Petach Tikvah as a ministry was born. Eelco and Karin are living in faith for Gods provision. There is also a campground that functions as ‘business as mission’ in helping supporting to maintain buildings and to provide some finances. Income coming from the camping is not enough to sustain themselves, so there is a need for financial support. If you want to help, your financial support is welcomed. In giving support you can simply mark “Karin and Eelco”. In the Netherlands donations are tax deductible, because Petach Tikvah is designated as ANBI by the tax authorities.


There are volunteers active in various reas. For example there are volunteers helping with administration and others in office tasks. Also there is a need for a lot of practical work, eg maintaining buildings, gardening, electricity etc. Without the help of volunteers Gods work cannot continue.  So we are very thankful for every single volunteer!

Are you interested in volunteering? Then take a look under ‘Serving at Petach Tikvah‘.


Petach Tikvah as a ministry has a board consisting of four couples. Together the board stands around Eelco and Karin, acting in a monitoring and advising role. Eelco and Karin are accountable to this board.

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