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One of the goals of Petach Tikvah is that we want to give help and hope to the Jewish people. For example, we want to help Jews return to Israel or help in emergency situations. We work together with local organizations involved in return (aliyah) and aid for the Jewish people.
Project Shalom Ministries

Many older Jews – mostly Holocaust survivors – form a forgotten group in Ukraine. Often they live far below the minimum under extremely hard circumstances. It touches us that especially this group of Holocaust survivors are a mainly forgotten group.

In Ukraine there are hardly any social services and in the tough winter many Jews would not have survived if they wouldn’t have gotten any help. That is why we are thankful that we get to cooperate with Shalom Ministries. There are three soup kitchens: in Shepetovka (50 people), Mohyliv Podil’skyy (16 people) and Vinnitsa (160 people).From Monday till Friday people can get a warm meal and the location also functions as a meeting place for the lonely. Also food packages are distributed.

Project Shalom Ministries
Help Us!

The costs for one meal in the soup kitchen are about  € 1,- and for one food package € 30,-!
Many Jews are touched by this help and say that that they would not survive without this help… Often these older people ask “Why is it that you do this?” And what is more beautiful than being able to tell them about the love of Yeshua!

You can support these wonderful food projects via Petach Tikvah. It is important that you clearly put under your gift what you want to support: ‘Shalom Ministries’.