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Vision & History

We want to help to pave the way for Jesus’ return and His Kingdom on earth.

Our Vision

Visie: To equip & disciple this young generation with Gods heart for Israel and the church.  To stimulate and reconnect releationships between the church with the Body of Messiah in Israel. To serve & partner together for the promised spiritual restoration of Israel in being Gods key for worldwide blessing and revival.

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In moving closer to Yeshua’s return, there is an importance to equip next generation (of leaders) God’s bigger picture!  The younger generations seem to lack teaching regarding Israel. In Petach Tikvah’s vision such teachings should go much further than just supporting a land and its people, but emphasise Gods bigger picture: the restoration of God’s Kingdom in all the earth! So the response needs to be more than just having a church ‘Israel group’ (often with just older people), or holding an annual “Israel Sunday”.  That’s why we want to invest in young people, for example:

  • Discipleship
  • Biblical & prophetic teachings
  • Empowering through worship & prayer
  • Preparation in raising awareness of the spiritual battle
  • Explore and challenge the adventure of serving God, His Land and His people

Stimulating and reconnecting the international church with the Messianic body in Israel with is of enormous strategic importance!  We help in laying relational foundations and want to see a historic shift.  It is time to show the true testimony of Yeshua as Jewish Messiah through relations!

The Bible is very clear that non-Jewish believers received salvation to show the people of Israel God’s love found in Yeshua the Messiah. (Romans 11:11) Sadly, for 20 centuries long through church exact the opposite has happened. In name of Christianity a lot of harm and suffering has caused to Jews so a great wall of divide  has arisen to recognize Yeshua as their (Jewish) Messiah. How was/is this all possible if 80% (!) of the Bible speaks about Israel? Again, there is a demonic  spiritual battle trying to blind eyes and to mislead.  That is why:

  • We foster to deepen relationships between the church and the Messianic Body in Israel
  • We help in education and building relationships with the living stones in Israel.

“I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd”  (John 10:16)

Jew and gentile are “fitly” joined together into a holy temple in the Lord. Ephesians 2:14-16.

Covenantal partnership between the church and the Messianic body is Gods mystery and will release a mutual blessing.  The fullness of the church releases salvation for Israel, and the fullness of Israel releases the destiny of the church and worldwide revival. There is a bigger release of God’s Holy Spirit when the “one new man” comes to a more mature expression.

As God promised, He has restored the Jewish people to their homeland!  In our days there is a Land and there are Jewish people now, but still they don’t know their own Messiah.  So when speaking about “restoration”  we apply not only to Israel as a Land, but also to Jewish people to be restored to their Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach!

So we want express One New Man relations through partnering together for the restoration of all things:

  • Help to rebuild the fallen tent of David (Acts 15:15)
  • Outreach in bringing Hope: spreading the gospel to Jewish people and the nations
  • Creating a network of follow up and discipleship teams
  • Media, using today’s technology to reach and follow up

How it started

In 1998 Karin and Eelco bought a former farm in the North East of Holland. Afterwards they discovered that the farm was located 500 meters from the former camp of Westerbork, a transit camp of Jews during the Holocaust. Just 15 meters away from the farm, more than 107,000 Jews walked by on their way to camp Westerbork between 1942 and 1944. In the forest behind the farm was a railway track. From 1942 cattle/wagons were filled with Jews to be transported to extermination camps in Eastern Europe. Less than 5000 of the 107,000 Jews that were transported through Westerbork survived the extermination camps.  Westerbork was called a camp of false hope, deceit and a portal to death for over a hundred-thousand Jews.

Family story
When Karin and Eelco realised that they bought their property so close to this place of false hope and dead they were shocked!  It also turned out that Karin’s father during the war had “lived” in camp Amersfoort and later in camp Westerbork.  Nobody knew and never before he had talked about it because of trauma. When Karin and Eelco discovered this, they knew they didn’t come here by accident. For Karin’s story, see EO-uitzending.

In the whole process God was speaking and after two years of praying God gave them a word inspired by Hosea 2:15 “I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the valley of Achor a door of hope. There she will respond as in the days of her youth, as in the day she came up out of Egypt.”

And so Petach Tikvah was founded in 2003. From 2003 Eelco and Karin started to have meetings in their living room and God brought Messianic leaders and teachers from Israel and all over the world. Petach Tikvah as a ministry was born (door of Hope) and in 2006 Camping Tikvah started as “business as mission”  to support for the maintenance of the buildings and the family.  Step by step an international relational network developed in Israel and outside Israel (e.g. with the Messianic trainings school Gateways Beyond)

Petach Tikvah
Through the years Petach Tikvah developed as a centre of prayer, worship, discipleship and equipping with a heart for the restoration of Israel and the church. The fullness of the gentile church and the embracing of Yeshua as Messiah by Jewish people is the key for a world-wide awakening (Romans 11:15)

A community of believers (called Door of Hope) was born out of the ministry of Petach Tikvah, meeting every Saturday on the property. In 2018 Eelco and Karin handed over the leadership of the community to return back to their first calling, which had to do with Israel and the church and paving the way for Jesus return and His Kingdom on earth. In 2018 Revive Israel Netherlands was launched, a covenant partnering with Revive Israel.