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What We Do

Petach Tikvah is a centre of worship, education, equipping and refuge with a heart for Gods plan with Israel and the church. We wnat to help you discover Gods plan with Israel and the nations!
We live in prophetic times. For the first time since 2000 years of church existence Jewish people are turning to accept Yeshua as their promised Messiah. This spiritual awakening of Israel is a key for a worldwide movement of revival and can pave the way for Jesus returning on earth. This is the reason why there is so much battle around the subject Israel, also in the Christian world. At the same time there is still a big need for equipping, reconnecting and teaching the church.
A large part of our activities and work takes place in the Netherlands, on a farm in Drenthe, close by the former camp of Westerbork. Besides that we also cooperate with ministries and organisations in Israel.
Discover: Israel Experience Youth Trips
  • Young adult trips that introduce next Christian generation & leaders with Israel in 11 days on an adventurous way. These trips are unique and life changing with a lot of direct contacts with local believers in Yeshua in Israel. Through this you get to know Israel with your own eyes, what God says in the Bible and you’ll get more insight in the (spiritual) battle around Israel.
Equipping and discipling the next generations

We notice that only few young people feel involved in God’s plan with Israel, while we believe it is important to God. We want to support youth groups, bible study groups and churches  in educating about Gods plan with Israel and the nations. We do this by:

  • Discipleship Journey Israel: an 8 week long international Discipleship training in Israel itself, in cooperation with believers in Israel. For questions you can contact us.
  • Education and training. The training ‘Israel, the Messiah and you‘ consists of 4 evenings (or mornings) and is a nice combination of relaxation and deepening. On request, the training can also be given on a different location,
  • Organising youth meetings on camping Tikvah with possibilities for worship, education, sport, fun and interaction.
  • Inviting Messianic speakers form Israel.
  • Outreach: sending out people to Israel and challenging young adults to help building Gods Kingdom. Take a look at our vacancies.
Building relationships

Petach Tikvah works together with churches where possible. We do this by:

  • Helping communities to build relationships with the living stones in Israel. For example by facilitating Messianic speakers from Israel or projects in Israel.
  • (Help) Organising youth trips to Israel with your church. Goal is that during our trips we connect youth with local believers part of the Body of Messiah in Israel. Instead of visiting Israel as a tourist, we want to build relationships.
  • It is also possible to invite us to organise a youth meeting in your church.
Partner in Israel’s restoration

We cooperate with the local body of Messiah in Israel

  • We partner with Revive Israel through Revive Israel Netherlands
  • We want to show the testimony of Jesus in a practical way! In this we work together with an organisation that serves needy Jews in Ukraine by among other things meals/soup kitchens.
  • We partner with other ministry partners

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